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1,000,000+ completed support tickets, 1,000,000+ translated words from various languages, 1000+ freelance projects because: I like helping people: I have done in the official support service of the Telegram messenger, in Internet providers, in helplines, as a moderator in Yandex Districts (section on help), as a translator in courts and investigative committees, as well as in other projects. Experience with Angry space, maintaining 3 written appeals and chats in parallel on different topics. Voice line with the most inexperienced elderly Internet users. Answers in 4 languages (Russian, English, Uzbek, Kazakh), assistance in finding funds sent through various payment systems (MB Way, UPI, Revolut, Multibanco, BlackRabbit, Paycos, CJMM, Sebes, Travelpay, Piastix, RoyalPay, Gigadata, Quintum-Card, Payment Center, Cardpay, Pay4x, Spyz-PayTm, Payretailers, Monetix, Orangepay, Astropay, etc.). For communication within the team, Zoom, Slack, Telegram and Skype were mainly used. I also had to perform Custdev when introducing new directions in companies. The use of project management software (Jira, Slack, Notion, Trello) does not cause horror, various Planning Pokers too, on the contrary, I am happy to influence everything that happens within the company as much as possible :) I like working with websites: I have been doing this for over 7 years. Created websites, promoted them, optimized them, dealt with content, advertising, SEO optimization, audit (including manual) and copywriting (delegated some tasks). I worked as an assessor in many search engines and I know which pages are preferred in search results. Participated in the training of artificial intelligence (algorithms) for Microsoft and Google, through contract partner companies. I like learning: I have done it on online learning platforms, seminars, courses, universities, etc: I have 2 incomplete higher educations,), a quota for free study in Moscow, a grant from the Uzbek National Film Agency to pay for air tickets, a diploma from the Moscow government in the direction of "IT Project Manager", took online courses in project management from Atlasian and Google, I also have several certificates in contextual advertising and SMM. I like selling high-quality goods or services, including my own: I have done it in call centers of different companies, I sold my own services as a freelancer. I like creative work: I have been doing it for more than 14 years, I play the violin, piano, do sound engineering and harmonization of music, I also like to write articles on topics that interest me.

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Mansur Sabitov



VGIK Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography

Master in Sound engineering 2021

Recording and working with sound, music arrangement

The state conservatory of Uzbekistan

Master in Sound engineering 2018

Recording and working with sound, music arrangement



WEB Master 2014 - Present

Developed websites on various CMS platforms including Wordpress, Drupal, Instantcms, Opencart, Joomla, and Bitrix
Resolved site errors, optimized site speed (up to 90% improvement by Pagespeed), and enhanced site compliance with w3c standards
Conducted SEO audits, promoted websites, implemented advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks, and managed social media groups to attract clients
Contributed to projects evaluating translations into Uzbek and Russian from languages like English, Kazakh, Turkish, and Korean. Handled tasks such as translation, subtitling, transcription, and site/application localization
Outsourced non-interesting tasks to performers mainly from Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Egypt

Telegram messenger LLP

Official support manager 2021 - Present

Processing messages on behalf of the official support service of the Telegram messenger (telegram.org/support) in Russian, Uzbek and English.
Participation in the life of the messenger, its bugs, shortcomings and new developments in Atlassian services

Yandex, Google, Microsoft (through outsourcing companies) - Assessor

Assessor 2021 - Present

Assessing the relevance of search results to Google search user queries
Evaluation of various materials for local and linguistic affiliation
Checking YouTube videos for violations of the rules
Work with translations of materials (from English into Uzbek)
Active participation in AI training in other company projects
Working with various Microsoft products
Determining the relevancy of responses in Bing search
Evaluation of advertising based on personal recommendations of users
Work with other Microsoft products under an independent contract with a partner company
Evaluation of the relevance of sites according to the scale of relevance
Relevance assessment of geoqueries
Moderation Yandex Districts
Quality assessment of Yandex Collections
Updating these organizations
Participation in other Yandex projects (voice assistant - Alice, Yandex talents, etc.)

Judicial Service

Court interpreter 2021 - 2022

Interpretation during court proceedings and familiarization, full support of the defendant translation issues, translation of materials


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  • Development
  • Helpdesk
  • Content
  • Translation
  • SEO
  • SMM


Trust is the most valuable thing in work

I have worked with clients from more than 3 continents